Lighthouse – Best café to work from in Dubai

Lighthouse Background

Lighthouse is Mediterranean casual dining concept based in Dubai Design District (D3). The ambience of the restaurant resonates with the name due to the significant proportion of active daylight penetration into the indoor space.

The restaurant is divided into indoor and outdoor dining spaces with an additional concept store on the side. They definitely have great collection of books, candles, incense stick, and stationery items.

In this blog, I shall be sharing my experience about Lighthouse to help you make the right choice. I had visited lighthouse to complete some of my office work. Afterwards, I ended up sitting for almost 6 hours as the environment was peaceful to carry out tasks.

Lighthouse Dining Experience

They have a small menu being very well defined with illustration of the dishes on the side. The notion of having limited dishes in the clearly reflects the taste and quality of the food. Consequently, narrowing down the menu has allowed the chef to specialize for a specific set of culinary creation which would be presented as signature dishes.

I decided to order Lentil Soup and Chicken Souvlaki based upon the recommendation of the staff. Bread with hummus was served as complimentary starters. The lentil soup was balanced with right proportion of noticeable soothing flavors. Of course, the Chicken Souvlaki was totally out of the box. More of a Greek inspired wrap filled with grilled chicken, tazataiki, marinated onion, tomato and sumac.

A research study undertaken by the Columbia University proved that having a limited menu eases decision-making process for customers. Furthermore, this also advantageous for the restaurant because it would improve the overall quality of the food. Since, the chef is able to deliver better accuracy and consistency in terms of taste and quality.

After few hours, I decided to order the Spanish latte for coffee. For some reason, it turned out to be phenomenal as the consistency of the coffee was on par with high end café of Bulgari and Address hotels.

Final Verdict

In conclusion, the overall experience was incredible as I personally got to visit a different place to work from by enjoying some great delicacies and coffee. The price seems to be on the higher side considering the portion size and the additional service charges and Dubai municipality fees. However, there is factor of opportunity cost because personally I feel that the quality and the taste is all worth it. I would highly recommend this spot as a cozy work friendly café. There is a ample of free parking space available at the parking lot.


Ground Floor, Building 6, Dubai Design District (D3), Dubai Design District, Dubai

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