Dürüm DXB – Best Dürüm in Dubai

Dürüm is a famous Turkish wrap served around the world with different twists. There are very few restaurants in Dubai which specialize in offering authentic Turkish delicacy. “Dürüm Restaurant” is one of them to offer typical Turkish street food experience. The restaurant is based upon take away concept as they dont have any seating arrangement.

Quality of ingredients

The owner of the restaurant was kind enough to provide a comprehensive insight about their dining concept. The restaurant is a hidden gem which attracts a fair share of crowd from different communities. However, after having a deep conversation with the owner, it was found that they have gone to great lengths to maintain the quality of their offerings. Since, they source their tomatoes from Holland for making the sauce. Moreover, the meat which they use for making the kebabs is premium Australian Lamb Meat. The flat bread which they use for making the Durum is prepared inhouse.

Types of Durum

Their menu is straight forward as they only offer six types of Wraps. Namely, Original kebab, chicken tikka wrap, lamb tikka wrap, lamb liver wrap, vegetarian wrap and cheesy chicken kebab. For drinks they have Aryan, which is a savor frothy yoghurt-based drink commonly enjoyed in Middle East during peak summer times.

The idea of curating few dishes is the right way to keep your step in Food & Beverage Business because customers exactly know what they are coming to try. Having an extensive menu creates confusion, not only for the customer. But also for the staff as the dishes need to be cooked to perfection.

Which Durum to try?

The Original Kebab Durum is a showstopper since it is one of their fast-moving wraps. The chicken tikka and cheesy chicken kebab durum also attracts fair share of customers. There seems to be enormous potential in providing the authentic Turkish street food experience as there are very few competitors who offer such quality and taste.

Restaurant Taste

The quality of the ingredients speaks for itself as one can easily witness the quality while eating the Durum sandwich. The flat bread has a very crispy texture complimenting the tomato sauce and grilled meat skewer. Moreover, the flat bread also helps to balance the dryness by providing sufficient moisture to allow one to enjoy the delightful taste of the Durum.

If someone ever goes to Durum Restaurant, then original kebab durum is highly recommended because the taste and the texture is absolutely mind-blowing. No doubt, they also offer chicken tikka and liver durum. But the Original kebab is on top of the game based upon my personal experience.

The Aryan drink is also great, if you prefer sour yoghurt-based drink.

Final Verdict

This restaurant is truly a hidden gem for Turkish durum which could be enjoyed by many as the price is pocket friendly inconsideration of the the portion size. The Original Kebab and Chicken Tikka Durum is must try if you ever visit this spot.

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