The Media Lounge (TML) at Dubai Media City

Having a place to grab a quick lunch seems to be very convenient especially in office areas such media city. Since i had visited during the weekend it seemed to be very empty. The staff had mentioned that the restaurant gets very busy during the working days as professionals from nearby offices tend to visit the restaurant for quick bite.

I must say that the location of the restaurant near the roundabout could be a unique selling point since its easy to spot. The moment you enter inside you get warmly greeted by the staff and you also come across “The Media Lounge” signage on wooden panel being surrounded with artificial greenery.

The restaurant seems to have a very calm environment to ensure that the professionals coming from the work are able to relax by having food, beverage or sheesha. Its interesting to see how they managed to have separate smoking and non smoking seating arrangement. Green wall with artificial grass makes one think is that all real by making one feel calm psychologically. Interior seems to be decent as the green wall, signage are doing their job and the furniture also seems to be comfortable with different seating configurations.


Since the restaurant served both Lebanese and Italian cuisine we wanted to try the best of both. So, we had ordered the Garlic Bread as appetizer, Pollo Picante Pizza and Mix Grill Platter as main course andĀ Vita Boost, Pomegranate with honey for drinks. Finally being followed by nutella cheese cake and Moroccan mint tea.

I was pretty impressed with the drinks especially theĀ Pomegranate with honey as it was one of the best pomegranate juices i had in Dubai. TheĀ Vita Boost was also amazing as it the perfect blend of fruits which complimented each other.

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The garlic bread was filled with cheese and topped with olive oil and the pollo picante pizza was phenomenal as the spicy chicken pieces went very well with the tomato sauce.Ā  Mix grill came with lamb chops, shish kebab, shish tawook and french fries with garlic and tomato sauces at side. The meat was soft and tender while eating meaning that it was cooked properly.

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Finally, we ordered the nutella cheese cake for dessert and it was fantastic to fulfill anybodies sweet tooth cravings being followed by the Moroccan mint tea. The following video is an insight about my overall dining experience at TML.


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