Clucker’s Wood Roasted Chicken in Al Barsha

The idea of cooking meat using wood fire dates back to primitive ages when mankind had recently discovered fire. As the meat gets roasted in the wood fire, the fat drips off and hits the heat source which releases a smoke and in turn adds a particular flavour to the meat. It is a tedious process as it requires six hours of roasting to get the perfect taste.

Brand logo of the cluckers wood roasted chicken

Cluckers wood roasted chicken had adopted the same cooking style with much more sophisticated equipment and wood. The restaurant has a  lively atmosphere as there were a lot of indoor plants which helped to create a pleasant indoor environment for the occupants. The wifi was free and a glass facade to manifest the cooking activity within the kitchen boundaries was also present.

The entire dining experience began by serving the Smoked Wheat Soup (Cumin, wheat and small chicken thread) (Excellent), being followed by eggplant salad, chicken wings and potato wedges. All the grilled meat main course dishes were top notch and well prepared. I was very fascinated by seeing the variety of sauces as they had a tomato & herb sauce, garlic sauce, pineapple with chilli and tamarind sauce. The pineapple with chilli flavour was totally out of the box as it was sweet and sour.

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French fries also tasted excellent because it was always topped with some kind of herb and oil. The wood roasted potato wedges and rosto beef were served on the sizzling hot stone plate. Both the dishes were totally perfect with the right proportion of spices.

For drinks, we had Mango and strawberry juice which were served in a special bottle. Juice also tasted to be freshly prepared from the fruit pulp.

The entire culinary experience was totally perfect from start to finish as the food tasted extremely good. I would highly recommend this place to people who love eating roasted chicken or meats.


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