Darin at Al-Khobar, Saudi Arabia

Darin is one of the oldest well-established seafood restaurants in Saudi Arabia serving a wide range of cuisine to meet the tastes of the seafood lovers.

Interior Ambience

A separate counter displaying the catch of the day is allocated to allow the customers to choose their seafood based upon their personal preference. I have been visiting this restaurant for the past 15 years and nothing seems to have changed except the staff.

I was very impressed as to how the food quality, taste and service has been maintained for such a long time.

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A lot of wooden finishings have been used throughout the restaurant to imitate the actual wooden ships construction during the olden times for pearl trading and fishing. The furniture also seem to be decent and the fish tank has always been an important part of this restaurant to complement the entire dining experience.

Complimentary hot bread with lurpak butter

During my visit to this eatery, I had the opportunity to try some of their most renowned dishes which were Bouillabaisse & Tom Yom soup, Pasta Primavera and baked crab with cheese. While waiting for the ordered dishes a complimentary bread with lurpak butter is served.

Bouillabaisse soup

This is one of their signature soups consisting of shrimps, crab and fish (Mixed seafood) in tomato based gravy with herbs. The tastes notes are a bit tangy because of the use of tomato and the herbs help to enhance the taste.

Tom Yom Soup

Typical Tom Yom soup mostly inspired by Thai cuisine consisting of mushrooms, lime leaf, shrimps, lemon grass, tomatoes and herbs. In the beginning, the notes are a bit spicy once the tastes buds get used to it the notes become normal as because its a healthy and soothing broth which improved the human immune system.

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The baked crab with cheese is one of their most signature dishes being accompanied with veggies and french fries. The crab meat has a very creamy texture with a slight usage of peas and herb to enhance the taste notes of the meat.

Pasta Primavera

The second signature dish was the Pasta Primavera containing mixed seafood in white alfredo sauce base with penne pasta and slight usage of herbs. It can also be seen that the pasta was baked in order to make sure the seafood gets well marinated with the alfredo white sauce.

Overall an amazing culinary experience with superb ambience, top-notch service and amazing food quality.

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