Arabian Tea House – Witness the beauty of traditional breakfast

About Arabian Tea House

Arabian Tea house is one of the many places in dubai which allows tourists and visitors to experience the wonderful emirati culture. They have multiple branches spread across Dubai and Sharjah. Food guide decided to visit one of the oldest Arabian Tea house branches located along the Al Fahidi Historical Neighborhood in Dubai. The Bastakiya Neighborhood holds a very important stance due its cultural significance since its surrounded by numerous historical buildings.

“The moment one step’s inside the restaurant, one can get a feeling of travelling back in time”

However, The tea culture is very famous amongst the Middle Eastern and South Asian countries as every region has their own unique tea preparation style. As a food blogger, I was always very keen to witness the experience at Arabian Tea House. Many times, finding a table can get challenging because it attracts a fair share of crowd. So, accordingly one has to plan in advance as they don’t offer booking option.

Arabian Tea House Ambience

The location of the restaurant has a significant impact on creating a unique experience since its located along the oldest neighborhoods of Dubai. The entrance of Arabian Tea House is decorated with lots of flowers and plants. The moment you step inside the restaurant, you get surprised by the the color combination of blue and white. The restaurant has a courtyard layout which is usually meant for communal activities. There is a indoor tree located at the center of the restaurant with hanging bird cage. However, the chirping voice of the bird resonates to create one of a kind ambience unlike any other restaurant.

Breakfast Experience

Moving on with the food, we chose to order Mr. Ali’s breakfast tray. It came with Tomato Scrambled Eggs, Baked Beans, Yogurt, Watermelon Jam, Cheddar Cheese and Tanoor bread. This breakfast try was highly recommended by the staff. No experience would be complete without the Authentic Karak Tea. So, we ordered a pot of Karak tea.

Final Verdict

The overall breakfast experience was quite unique. Somehow, The architecture of the restaurant plays a big role in creating a unsurpassed experience for visitors. Food-wise the breakfast tray is perfect, if you are a group of three or more people. However, for a single person it would be better to order ala carte dishes to avoid any wastage of food. Taste-wise, The scrambled eggs with cheese and baked beans complimented the Tanoor Bread perfectly. The small pancake pancake is perfect to enjoy with yoghurt and watermelon jam. Finally, the tea pot is great to enjoy with friends for having long conversations. To conclude, I personally would highly recommend Arabian Tea House restaurant and café to anyone who wants to experience something unique.

The nearest parking spot is available near Al Fahidi Historical Neighborhood which can be easily accessed with small payment.

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