Indego by Vineet (Grosvenor House Dubai) – Contemporary Indian cuisine at its best

About Indego by Vineet

Indego by Vineet is contemporary fine dining concept offering an array of noteworthy Indian delicacies with a modern twist. The whole dining concept is curated by Chef Vineet Bhatia. He is widely regarded as a face of the modern Indian cuisine and a passionate restaurateur having numerous dining concepts across the globe. In this blog, i shall be sharing my first hand experience at Indego by Vineet restaurant. The restaurant is located Ground Floor along the main lobby of Grosvenor House Dubai.

Indego By Vineet Restaurant Ambience

The restaurant entrance is noticeable at first glance especially with the grand entrance comprising the wooden elephants and lush interior. Neutral colors schemes with red chairs create a cozy atmosphere to make one feel very comfortable. In fact, the ambience seems to be consistent with the interior of Grosvenor House Dubai. Moreover, Both outdoor and indoor seating arrangement are available to accommodate the guests at Indego by Vineet. Furthermore, the outdoor seating has the beautiful view of the Cayan Tower and Marina Lake.

Indego By Vineet Dining Experience

The restaurant has À la carte menu comprising of the Starters, Main Course, Desserts. A separate Beverage menu is in place. They seem to entertain all kinds of dietary restrictions like vegan, non-diary and gluten free. The best thing about the menu is that it clearly specifies all the ingredients highlighting any dietary restrictions.


From starters, we tried Chaat Trilogy, Samosa Doughnut, Chowpatty Bhaji, Uttapam Gobi 65, Paneer Pasanda, Southern Sea and Smoked Chicken Tikka. The starters which stood out to me was the chaat trilogy, samosa doughnut, southern sea and smoked chicken tikka. Subsequently, they are totally unique in terms of taste, texture and presentation. The idea of dining here is always filled with some kind of excitement as the presentation is eye-catching.

Main course

From the main course, we tried Coconut Lemongrass Prawns, Murgh Tikka, Rogan Lamb Shank, Ghee Mutton Roast and Prawn Xacuti Biryani. The coconut lemongrass prawns seem to have a unique blend of flavor as it comprised of the lemongrass which could be easily enjoyed with naan. The quality of the ingredients speaks for itself as they had the right balance of flavors.

The ghee mutton roast had a wonderful thick gravy base of masala with slow cooked mutton. Indeed, the meat was absolutely succulent perfect to enjoy with naan. The coconut lemongrass prawns, and ghee mutton roast completely stood out for us as we tried it for the first time at Indego by Vineet.

The biryani served at Indego by Vineet is unlike any other restaurant. The dough crust on top, has to be cut open for allowing the steam to escape radiating the subtle aroma. Of course, It was cooked to perfection as the prawns were extremely succulent and the rice was fluffy. Likewise, the presentation for all the main-course was absolutely photogenic.


Finally moving on to desserts, we tried the Carrot Carot (Gajjar halwa) and Banana Halwa (chocolate samosa). Both of the desserts were carefully presented with proper platting arrangement in an artistic manner. The Carrot Carot had 24-carat carrot halwa mixed with carrot cream and kulfi disc was a tempting dessert to devour. However, the chocolate samosa was served with ice cream and chocolate topping.

Final Verdict

Honestly, the whole gastronomy experience at Indego by Vineet was a fine example for the best Indian culinary restaurant in Dubai. Everything was perfectly put in place to provide an outstanding experience for the guests. Based upon my food blogging journey, this could be one of the best curated Indian fine dining concept which shines in all aspect. However, the photogenic arrangement of dishes at Indego by Vineet clearly highlight the fact that we eat with our eyes. Having a great presentation, helps to make the food more appealing to the eyes. Of course, the quality of the ingredients speak for itself. Moreover, the effort put by the team at Indego by Vineet is remarkable.

For parking, one can easily access the valet service offered by Grosvenor House Dubai for added convenience. I would highly recommend to book the table in advance especially during weekends.

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