About Me

Welcome to the world of experiences. Food Guide Official is the brainchild of Zohaib Shaikh, who is a Dubai based blogger and content creator. He has been sharing his experiences for more than five years because of his personal inclination towards writing.

Zohaib is a Third Culture Kid, who has been raised upon in Gulf Countries. The existence of UAE as a melting pot of different culture has allowed him to discover different experiences from all around the world.

Professionally, he is an Architectural Engineer specializing in Sustainable Architecture with published Journal article due to his competent writing and research skills. Moreover, He also has a master’s in digital marketing with numerous certifications.

Food Guide Official blog has been dedicated for sharing an array of experiences relating towards dining, travel, and lifestyle. He is also a regular content creator on Instagram @zohaibshaikh94. His bond for blogging, travelling and content creation is never ending.