Gourmet Burgers – Le Burger

Burgers have always been a quintessential fast food to enjoy for many food lovers. But there are very few burger joints which provide gourmet burger for the most discerned. Le Burger at Mall of Emirates is a newly opened burger joint offering a range of hand made selected burgers by accompanying different set of preferences. The restaurant has a huge spatial layout with different types of seating arrangement.

The staff are extremely friendly, who took the time to explain the concept of their burger joint as they offer a wide array of customization options. Most of the core ingredients like buns and sauces are made inhouse inorder to maintain a high level of satisfaction.

Food Guide Official has tried Avocado fingers, Chicken fingers, Mustang island Beef Burger, Little Italy Chicken Burger, San Francisco Burger, Nara Nara and Amwaj Island Mojito.

All burgers were tried from beef, chicken and vegetarian selections. The burger buns were soft, and the San Francisco Burger was chosen with chickpeas bun. It is worth pointing out that the burgers were big in size with lots of filling and wholesome goodness. The burgers also had some amazing sauces like the mango chutney which provided a unique twist.

The unique offering of Avocado fries is something different and definitely worth trying. Chicken Tenders were also great to enjoy while sharing with friends or family. Would highly recommend everyone to pay a visit to Le Burger as they have a great variety of burgers, appetizers and beverages.

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