Best Indian Sliders in #Mydubai

O’pao is a concept restaurant which serves authentic Indian street food with a twist. It caters to an array of taste buds by offering options for both vegetarians and non veterinarians. Pao in english translates to bread (Slider bun).

The whole concept is a replica of mouth watering Mumbai street food dishes being served in a more sophisticated manner.  The interiors of the restaurant are very vibrant and the use of bright colors help to give a more energetic vibes to carry on conversations with friends and family.

I have tried many types sliders at O’Pao, both veg and non veg as i am personally a big fan of vegan dishes. Some notable sliders which i have tried are O’Vada Pao (Deep Fried Potato Dumpling Stuffed within Slider), O’Paneer Pao (Cottage Cheese Stuffed within Slider), O’Bhurjee Pao (Scrambled Egg Stuffed within Slider), O’Kheema Pao (Minced Meat Stuffed within Slider) and O’Mutton Pao (Harees Stuffed within Slider).

The staff are very friendly and understanding as they helped me to decide what i should order as per my preferences. Mark my words they serve some of the best karak tea’s in Dubai which i have ever tried.

Finally, moving on to desserts i had ordered the Choco Mousse Crunch which is egg-less Belgium chocolate mousse being topped with Kit-Kat and this is also definitely worth trying. Overall, Food Guide Official would give restaurant 10/10 for service, price and quality as i have visited them many times and they have never failed to bring a smile on my face.


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