Best Falafel in #MyDubai

It is highly arguable that Al Humsani Restaurant serves the best falafels in Dubai because there are numerous Middle Eastern Cuisine Restaurants which are serving the same dish. But this blog has been written from a perspective of a conscious consumer who would definitely consider affordable prices, food quality and service as a key factor for making decisions.

We became amazed by seeing the menu prices as they were very pocket friendly and the quantity was also generous. We ordered the hummus and falafel platter for both of us for sharing.  We got shocked by seeing the quantity of hummus as it was big and beautifully served with olive oil topping and drizzle of sumac.

Hummus at al humsani restaurant
Hummus at al humsani restaurant

Usually the falafel platter comes with six piece, tahini sauce and pickled vegetables. but by mistake we were served only 4 pieces which was later refilled with 2 more pieces.

Food at al humsani restaurant
Spread at Al Humsani Restaurant

Moreover, the food was served with freshly baked hot bread to eat with the hummus and falafel. I would highly recommend this restaurant as the level of food quality, potion size and price point is exceptional.



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