La Gondola – Finest Italian Restaurant in Al-Khobar

About La Gondola

During the last day of my trip in Al-Khobar, I had decided to pay a visit to La Gondola Restaurant which was one of the finest Italian cuisine restaurants. Food Guide has been a regular customer of La Gondola for almost 15-years. Moreover, The restaurant is situated in one of the most distinctive neighborhoods of Al-Khobar.

La Gondola Restaurant Ambience

The restaurant follows a Italian inspired theme of La Gondola with bright beige rustic interior, wooden furniture with narrow pathways. The brick oven is the centerpiece of attention. The restaurant has a dull-lighting to create a more sophisticated mood. The restaurant is segmented into bachelor and family section with two floors of seating available at disposal.

La Gondola Food Taste

Since I was visiting this restaurant after a long time. Firstly, we decided to order margherita pizza, ravioli pasta with chicken balls, fettuccine pasta for main course. Secondly, for dessert crème brulee and Tiramisu was chosen. However, the complimentary flatbread topped with garlic and tomato sauce is the most fascinating part of the dining experience. To be honest, La Gondola has done a phenomenal job in maintaining the consistency in quality for so many years.

The margherita pizza had the right proportion of cheese with an excellent texture of the dough being light, crispy and soft. Moreover, both Alfredo and Ravioli pasta had a perfect balance of sauce which made the texture very creamy. To be specific, the Ravioli pasta was stuffed with minced chicken and topped with mixed sauce.

Italian Cuisine is globally recognized for its wide variety of desserts. The Tiramisu had a wonderful texture due to the use of mascarpone cheese. The presentation was enticing as it was generously topped with coffee powder, red berry and Italian biscuit.

Moreover, the Crème Brulee served at La Gondola was one of the best desserts i tried in Al Khobar. The texture was absolutely brilliant since the top part was caramelized sugar being followed by the layer of caramel custard.

Final Verdict

I would highly recommend anyone to try out La Gondola in Al-Khobar. If you are craving for some exceptional Italian delicacies to fulfill your desire. The quality of the food and service speaks for itself. The award from Trip Advisor is also a testament to their exceptional food and service. Moreover, It feels like everything has been put in place properly from olive oils to drinking water to create a unique Italian dining experience in Al Khobar. The opposite side of the restaurant has paid parking facility available at dispersal for convenience.

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