Experience the transition from bombay to mumbai

Bombay to Mumbai Cafe is an Indian fusion restaurant located on the second floor of the Marco Polo Hotel. The concept of the restaurant is completely inspired by the transition of Bombay to Mumbai which somehow also gets translated into the culinary experience.

Ambience – The moment you step inside the hotel you get amazed by seeing the wooden interior design and red thick carpeting. There are very few signs which show that the hotel building is 20 years old as the property has been maintained rigorously renovated throughout. The same design features get carried over to the restaurant with of wooden types of furniture of different configuration. It was interesting to see how the spatial arrangement was carried out because the same space gets segregated into the bar area, dining area, cafe area and lounge area with the different type of seating arrangement. Then finally is the stage where is live music is played during the evening time which creates a very lively atmosphere in the space.

Some of the dishes we ordered are as follows –

  1. Mutton kalonji seek kebab
  2. Nan kish
  3. Murgh Malai Kabab
  4. Chicken Biryani
  5. Paan Baraf Ka Gola
  6. Gajarale truffle
  7. Searise Blend
Kalonji Seekh Kebab

Now moving on to food critics, theĀ Mutton kalonji seekh kebab was carefully prepared with an amazing blend of species and kalonji (Onion seeds). The moment you pick up the piece you get tempted with the aroma. It was accompanied with mint chutney which helped to tone down the spiciness flavour.

Nan Kai

The Nan Kai was a type of Naan being topped with capsicum, tomato, paneer and some sauce was also there to enhance the taste. This could be regarded as a fusion dish since manakish is a Lebanese delicacy.

Murgh Malai Kabab

Murgh Malai Kabab is a synonymous dish which translates to creamy chicken kebab mostly inspired by Persian cuisine with a bit of Indian twist because of the use of aromatic spices.

Chicken Biryani

Chicken Biryani was fantastic, the rice was properly cooked and it also had an amazing aroma. The chicken meat was succulent and tender as it got well cooked with the biryani masala. It was accompanied with raita which was made from cucumber and yoghurt.

I was very fascinated by seeing the ice gola machine at the restaurant. So, I quickly ordered the best gola without wasting any time. I had ordered the Sunrise cocktail in the beginning and it seems to be great considering the price point.

But the show stealer was the Paan Ka Baraf Ka Gola which was very refreshing and mindblowing which also reminded me of the elaichi (Cardamom) milk with a strong fragrance and sweet note being garnished with almonds on top.

Gajarale truffle

For desserts, the chef had served Gajarale truffle which was one of their signature sweets being a fusion between Belgium chocolate and Indian sweet. Here the Indian sweet was the carrot halwa being coated with the white chocolates.

That’s all from my food quest from Bombay to Mumbai at Marco Polo hotel in Deira. I would highly recommend this restaurant to food lovers to witness the beautiful fusion of different delicacies.

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