Premium Plaza Lounge at King Fahd International Airport, Dhahran (Saudi Arabia)

Travelling is one of the many experiences which can get very hectic due to numerous reasons. Having a first class ticket or priority pass membership can help a lot in overcoming the inconveniences while travelling.

Main Reception for Lounge

I always get very impressed with service, food and amenities provided by this lounge.  The interior speaks for itself as a lot of wooden finishes, softer carpeting, different seating configurations with mostly cloth seats and separate smoking area have been adopted to create a cosy atmosphere for travellers.

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It is interesting to see how the designer has tried to add small touches in order to improve the user convenience like for example the USB ports for charging the phone had been integrated into all the types of furniture, there were also floor recessed sockets to easily charge the laptops, all of the chairs had armrests, middle seating area also had a side table, separate shower room was also available, snooze room for sleeping and a small prayer room.

Now moving on to the food, they had six different types of dishes mostly pan Asian and middle eastern. To name a few vegetable korma, biryani, shish tawook and Butter chicken. For desserts, they had chocolate cake, vanilla cake and cupcakes. A centralised counter was also allocated for serving freshly prepared coffee and the Arabic coffee was served near the main entrance.


Overall a very remarkable place to experience the best while travelling from KFIA airport.

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