Trying out indian street food at Rajdhani

The general concept behind bringing Indian street food into a full-fledged restaurant has become very common as there exists a good market of consumers who love to experience comfort while dining and mostly avoid street food because of the hassle.

Rajdhani Street takes the same concept ahead with fancy presentation, innovative dishes, appetizing taste and friendly staff. I had visited the JLT branch which had an awesome view of the artificial lake. One important to note is that it is a vegetarian chain of restaurants.

The restaurant has yellowish interior walls which generally helps to reflect lights and create a more vibrant atmosphere. Since the restaurant outlet is located opposite to the artificial lake the proportion of daylighting seems to be satisfying to properly lit the spaces. It can also be observed that the designer tried to use a lot of traditional light bulbs as a decorative luminaire feature being retrofitted with LED.

Ordered Dishes are as follows –

Appetizer – Paneer cheese ka lifafa; Kothimbir wadi; Chilli cheese khari; Pizza dokhla; Pav bhaji fondue

Drinks – Coco coco surat(chocolate); Kulikki sherbet; Hara pudina shikanji; Kairi panna; Chocolate milkshake; Strawberry milkshake

Main course – Paneer tikka paratha; Methi matter; Paneer dum biriyani; Paneer butter masala; Kadai paneer and baby corn

Desserts – Jalebi with rabri; Rabri gulab jamun; Fruit shrikhand; Malpua with rabri

We started our dining session by trying out the drinks as we had ordered Coco surat (chocolate), Kulikki sherbet, Hara pudina shikanji, Kairi Panna, Chocolate milkshake, Strawberry milkshake and Masala Thumbs up. I could proudly say that all the different types of juices tasted pretty well and had the right proportion of key ingredients and a lot of emphases was given to presentation. Critically the milkshakes and coco surat had a very foamy texture which was an excellent sign meaning that the milk was blended well with the flavoured ice creams.

kulikki sherbet, Hara pudina shikanji, Kairi Panna and Masala Thumbs up were some of the traditional Indian fusion drinks which are not available everywhere and I would highly recommend the food lovers to move away from their typical choice and try something different.

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For appetizers, we ordered Paneer cheese ka lifafa, Kothimbir wadi, Chilli cheese Khari, Pizza dokhla, Pav bhaji fondue. Again, I was very amazed at the presentations as each dish was served specifically different and the idea of having paneer somehow played a role in supplementing for meat as it was filling. As per my taste notes Pav Bhaji Fondue was mind-blowing as I loved the tangy flavour of cooked tomato in thick gravy base.

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Now moving on to the Main course we ordered Paneer tikka paratha, Methi matter, Paneer dum biriyani, Paneer butter masala, Kadai paneer and baby corn. All the dishes were amazing and especially the biryani was extremely good and highly recommendable.

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Finally moving on to desserts, I was amazed by the idea of using rabri as a side dish to compliment various s sweets like Jalebi, Gulab Jamun and Malpua as It helped to enhance the taste by adding more notes of different ingredients such as cardamom, condensed milk, pistachio and nuts.

Final Verdict – Good place to experience the traditional vegetarian Indian dishes with a modern fusion at an affordable price bracket.

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