Roti Rollers at La Mer, Jumeirah

I was very fascinated by the idea of witnessing a healthier approach for preparing  Indian and Pakistani street food.

Usually, as per my previous experience I use to see street foods as being too oily and extremely spicy because not everybody has the same taste buds.

The moment I entered the restaurant, I was well received by the staff and also got amazed by seeing the beautiful ambience of the interior space being completely inspired by the phrase “Less is more” mostly used by the world-class architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe by following a more minimalistic approach for building designs.

The interior designer tried to maximise the window glazing area in order to allow the customers to have a beautiful view of the surrounding beach and at the same time, this also allows the restaurant to be lit by natural lighting which somehow helps to create a more vibrant atmosphere for the visitors.

A more rustic finishing with very dominating colour tones (Yellow, Blue, Red) was adopted for interior furniture and walls. The lightings seem to be very uniformly distributed throughout the dining area with sufficient lux levels.

Some of the dishes we tried are as follows –

Main course – Hen Stefani, Pav Bhaji Fondue, Indie Scotch Eggs, Masala Fries, Up All Night to Get Plucky, The Lamb Shank Redemption, chaats and chicken wings.
Drinks – Minty lemonade, Karak Chai
Dessert – Kulfi, Jalebi and Rabri

Critic – The idea of making street foods healthy is a very good concept especially with the option to modify the rolls as per your personal taste. I loved their chicken tikka meat inside the hen Stefani as it was very tender and well marinated.

The presentation for pav bhaji fondue was top notch and the taste was also pretty good. I like the touch of garlic spread over the pav in pav bhaji.

I was very impressed with the scotch eggs as the boiled egg was in the middle of the chicken ball. Mutton inside the Lamb Shank Redemption was also very tender and soft. Masala fries came on the side with rolls and it was very flavorful. The chaats were well presented and tasted pretty good.

Now coming to desserts, all the sweets were fantastic especially the jalebi it was fresh and piping hot.

Finally, the dining session was ended by having a Karak chai.

Comment – Overall all a very fruitful dining experience with awesome presentation.

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