Finest Indian fusion restaurant with a stunning water front view of the Dubai Creek at Mitra Bistro

Traditional Arabic architectural theme

From the moment you step into the restaurant, you get warmly greeted by the staff and fell in love with the overall ambience of the restaurant. The name Mitra in Hindi translates to friendship and this is most commonly found among the birds as they always fly in flocks.

The external facade completely resembles the traditional Arabic architectural theme and it is also one of the first “Floating” licensed Indian cuisine restaurant in Dubai as per their website. The interior designer of the restaurant seems to have blended the concept of flying birds in many architectural features.

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The chandelier located at the ground level dining area seems to be the most eye-catching architectural features.

Now moving on to the food, the restaurant serves a combination of Pan Indian and middle eastern cuisine which means that the taste notes are not very extreme. Dining experience seems to be fascinating as you will get surprised by their presentations for different types of dishes.

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Food Critic – Indian Mango Salsa was served in the beginning, it was served in a miniature toy pressure cooker and mostly resembled a fruit chaat in a simple manner.

Being followed by Limca Mumbai Bhel which was really fantastic as it was a Mumbai style bhel with some notes of lemon juice, mint and sweet sauce which gave it a bit of sweet and sour flavour. Chicken Pani Puri was served on top of a bus with mint sauce, I was very impressed with the presentation of the food.
Roll Mol Fish was extremely juicy in simple terms it was a fish roll with herbs stuffing inside the fish rolls. Paneer Tikka was also pretty decent as it was well cooked with caramelized vegetables served in skewers. Cloudy chicken tikka was very tender as the meat was well done and blackened due to charcoal grill and was accompanied with mayonnaise sauce and Naan bread.
Challi Kolmi Pasht was the vegetarian take on drums of heaven (Chinese dish made from the chicken leg). It was stuffed with paneer and corn with spaghetti covering and breadsticks to resemble as a chicken leg bone.
Gunpowder 69 had one of the best presentations as it was served on a Miniature carnival wheel ride with chicken meat being wrapped in bacon and served with tomato marina sauce.
A palette cleanser was served which was made from raw mangoes.
Now moving on to the main course,  Daal Bombshell was the Daal Makhani with a fabulous presentation which showed how the Daal bomb was broken and converted into daal makhani and they taste was pretty decent as the proportion of spices were fair.
Kappa Quinoa Kofta was also very nice as it was made from Quinoa and spinach.
English Keema was also nice as the minced meat was well cooked with tomatoes and other ingredients being accompanied with butter pav.
Ingad Pingad Fish was a green coloured based fish gravy as it was made from coconut milk and the presentation was also very nice.
Portuguese Chicken Roast was served on a blue colour plate which played a big role in enhancing the presentation with pieces of roasted chicken being served on top of a tomato based gravy with small garnishings.
Now finally moving onto desserts,  Kissme Cream was served in a Gastropod shell bowl being garnished and topped with kiss me chocolate. This dessert had a very creamy texture and complimented very well with chocolates.
Another dessert was Paniyaram which was specially prepared by the chef Akshay Nayyar, it was an amazing platter of rabri, chocolate fudge, gulab jamun being centred with mango moose.

Final Verdict – The overall dining experience was phenomenal as the location, food taste and ambience absolutely complimented each other. This culinary concept could be regarded as one of the many hidden gems of Dubai. I would highly recommend the food lovers to give it a try as it would be a unforgettable experience .

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