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Shake Shack is synonymous when it comes to burgers, fries and shakes. In this blog, l shall be sharing my dining experience at the newly opened Shake Shack branch at Motor City in First Avenue Mall. Dubai is definitely a food lovers paradise as it has something for everyone. The food scene of dubai is culturally diverse. Therefore, allowing franchises to easily set up their local branches in UAE due to the existence of strong brand recognition amongst international consumers.

Shake Shack Menu Tasting

The shake shack menu comprised of the burgers, fries, shakes, drinks and desserts. We tried the Chick n shack burger, Smoke Shack burger, Cheese fries, Normal fries and Shack Made Lemonade.

The Chick n shack stands out from the rest of the competition because the buns are extremely soft and the chicken patty is well marinated and crunchy on bite.

The Smoke Shack burger was basically a beef burger made from 100% angus beef topped with cherry pepper, veal bacon and shack sauce because Beef Burgers are one of their core specialties.

Shake Shack is well-known for crinkle shaped fries which have a crunchy and crispy texture. The staff was kind enough to serve us five types of sauces. Namely, Mustard Sauce, Mayonnaise Sauce, Cheese Sauce, Home Made Sauce and Herb Mayonnaise Sauce.

My personal favorite was the Herb Mayonnaise sauce to enjoy with the normal fries. But, i enjoyed Tomato Ketchup with my burger as usual. The Shack-Made Lemonade drink was a typical lemonade having the note of sourness as usual.

The desserts were heavenly because they were somehow very different. The Red Velvet consisted of vanilla custard mixed with red velvet cake. While the Strawberry cheesecake had a great combination of strawberry pulp with vanilla custard. Personally, i was very impressed with the Red Velvet Custard.

Final Verdict

Shake Shack Dubai definitely maintains its reputation for serving some of the best burgers, fries and frozen custards. Most of their restaurants are located inside malls which makes it convenient for customers to access. The price for the burgers, fries, milkshake and dessert seem to be competitive against other well known burger joints.

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