Witnessing the beauty of Turkish Cusine – O’Doner, Dubai

Background – Turkish cuisine has been synonymous for serving a wide range of pastries, kebabs, rice (Pilaf), pasta, egg dishes, desserts and street food. O’Doner is one of the few restaurants in Dubai which provides an authentic Turkish dining experience. The moment you step inside the restaurant you get very overwhelmed by seeing the beautifully hand-crafted interior ambience of the restaurant being completely inspired by the Ottoman architecture.

Visit – Dinner

Price – Medium Range

Dishes – Pilaf doner; Pineapple kebab; Iskender doner; Coketme kebab

Drinks – Pomegranate; Orange and carrots; Freshly brewed ice tea

Desserts – Famous Hatay Kunefe

Food Critic – The overall dining experience was fantastic as the food preparation seem to be perfect, service was also great as the staff are ready to explain about the dishes they serve, and the restaurant has a very lively atmosphere with a lot of money plants. Doner kebab is an essential part as most of the dishes revolve around doner meat (thin meat shavings) similar to shawarma meat.

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Pilaf doner was a rice-based dish topped with doner meat and few veggies, while Pineapple kebab was the most unique dish I have ever seen in any Turkish restaurant as the meat and rice was served inside the pineapple and I would highly recommend food lovers to try this dish. Iskender doner was a platter dish served with baked pita bread being topped with tomato sauce and thinly sliced doner meat and accompanied with yoghurt. Coketme kebab was a fusion type of dish consisting of potato fried chips and doner meat being topped with different sauces.

The juices seem to be nice and refreshing to beat the summer heat. This is one of the few restaurants in Dubai which brew their own ice tea using fresh fruits.


Finally moving on to desserts the kunefe was also amazing as it had a proper balance of the sweet note.

Final Verdict – Decent restaurant with extremely good pricing, unlike other Turkish restaurants. The restaurant has a very family friendly atmosphere and the portions are generous.

Taste – 4/5             Price – 4/5         Presentation – 4/5          Service – 4/5 


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